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    Default Where else can I sell my saddle?

    I've had my Prestige Nona Garson elite saddle on consignment for almost two years and have not been able to sell it. I had it at Rick's for awhile, now its at a local tack shop (Horseman's Outlet in NJ) and I've posted it ebay with no luck. Its kind of an odd saddle, I had it customized but it still probably wasn't the best fit. It is a 16in (I think, need to double check) with an extra long and forward flap. I've dropped the price a few times, but I need to get some money out of it and I'm getting desperate. Graduating college next month and it would sure help towards a security deposit/rent. Any ideas where else to sell it? Any change Prestige would buy it back as a tester saddle or something?
    Go Vols!!

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    this gal buys saddles, I think that includes prestige.

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    I would try I sold a Tad Coffin through her a few years ago and she was very easy to work with and gave me a decent price. Not sure if she takes Nona Garsons or not, but worth a look. Good luck.

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    While I did not sell a saddle through Cori at, I did take a couple on trial and can tell you she was extremely professional in handling the transactions. I would reach out to her for more information.

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    I had good luck with Farm House Tack. I sold my old Crosby on consignment with them and got more than I paid for it

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    Jun. 30, 2009


    Prestige Nona Garson

    Its kind of an odd saddle, I had it customized but it still probably wasn't the best fit. It is a 16in (I think, need to double check) with an extra long and forward flap.
    While not a fair reflection of their quality, it is a fact that Prestige do not re-sale as well as the "in" french saddles (CWD, Antares etc) - & while they are adjustable, it's a very limited geographical area where I can actually call up my local fitter & have a tree adjusted: tack shop staff keep mentioning this apsect of Prestige, Kieffer etc & then when I ask who they use for the tree adjustment, I either get a blank look or an assurance that so&so is wonderful & can do it (while I know for a fact that so&so does not actually have the equipment or interest)

    A 16in seat always dramatically reduces your sale market - if you know that you're buying a saddle that you intend to sell on, then buy a 16 1/2 - 17 1/2, otherwise be prepared to substantially drop the price or be able to wait (in a high turnover market) for that special someone who looks like you & rides a similar horse.

    As VTO does Prestige tree adjustments & has had a retail relationship with Prestige for years, that is who I'd consign my Prestige saddle with.
    Or send it out with a saddle fitter that has suitable clientele & is able to adjust the tree etc.

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    Aug. 15, 2010


    I have had good luck with . I will also second Cori if you are looking to consign it; she is very professional and great to work with. Best of luck with selling it!

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