The folks who live across the street catty-corner to me have decided they'd like to put a nice, quiet, mid-sized beastie in their newly board-fenced paddock -- ideally a "ten year old Quarter Horse," but I'm fairly certain that's not firm. I don't know these folks all that well, horse-wise, but we've been neighborly for six years and their daughter-in-law says every horse they've had has grown old with them and died with them, so it sounds like they really are offering a forever home. Moreover, every single one of us, in our quiet little end-of-the-road neighborhood, minus one non-horsey retired couple, has horses and we all have high standards, although not necessarily high incomes. You'll find no weeds and no overgrazed patches in any of our little pastures! So, if you know of the kind of beastie who can sit in a field 99% and not buck the other 1% when it walks down the road for five minutes, I think these folks would give it a great home. We're in Ocala, near the Horse Park, and I doubt these folks will want to deal with any kind of elaborate arrangement, so if you hear of anything nearish to us, please let me know. Thanks!