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    Nov. 20, 2003

    Default November!

    I went out to the hay barn to bring in hay for the horses the other day and much to my suprise found one of my layers nesting in they hay. Didn't really think much of it and left her alone.

    Well....there are now 10 little chicks running around my hay barn! Mamma hen is being protective and the barn is dry and not drafty...but, this is Wisconsin, in November...not exactly balmy out there.

    According to mamma hen should be able to keep them warm enough....I refuse to put a heat lamp in my hay barn and don't want to submit them to the torture of the older hens and my roo.
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    I'd just leave them in there. NO heat lamp. Maybe make a little house for her out of hay bales and lots of loose hay, see if she uses it. Your other choice would be to bring them all inside! Yeah, not ideal!
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