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    Default TB gelding, left with fractured ankle, saved, now needs home.....Connecticut

    Oh Boy......long sad story with a story ending that still needs finishing....

    July 2011....we find a sad looking TB that needs a home fast ....a bit shadey if a story about an injury he had on the track, but trainer swears it is soft tissue and offers x-rays to come with horse. Said horse needs a few months of stall rest for a strained suspensory and in 6 months he would be good to go.

    We ship the horse North....he arrives 400 pounds under weight and has cuts, scrapes and rot all over him. He is so foot sore from going from race track to pasture, he can hardly move....goodness....where do we start! OH! and no xrays come with the horse....

    First two weeks we address the poor condition of the horse, farrier comes out and puts shoes on him, and he is eating 24/7.....after two weeks he is getting more and more lame.....appointment with the vet is set....something is not right.

    X-rays show multiple fractures in his ankle, along with bone chips....Im so angry at this moment I could spit. Vet sends x-rays to several clinics to see if there is anything we can do to help him....putting him down was the last option...he loves life, is friendly, and an overall great animal.

    We send him to surgery in removes chips and surgery took 2 and a half hours instead of 30 minutes....our bill went from $3000 to over $5000 at this point....on a rescue horse! Vet does give us a break because he knew we only were trying to save this horses life at this point...

    Bring him home and have been rehabbing him since surgery. He is sounder, but not sound enough to ride....he is happy, fat and healthy.

    So at the present time, we are looking for a good home for him. With over $6000 now invested in our rescue horse....we have gotten him to the point where he can live happily in someones fields....keeping in mind he is a TB and needs his blankies in cold weather. He is an easy keeper. 16.2 hands and drop dead BEAUTIFUL! We have his papers....he is Seatle Slew and Mr. Prospector bred. By a stallion called Seeking the Gold.

    We will ship within reason to a new home. I just can't keep him because I have limited turnout in paddocks that get muddy very easily....and at this point how can he really enjoy the rest of his life living in a stall?

    I also forgot to mention that he was raced until July 2011, and got hurt and dumped....all this after winning nearly $100K for his owner....We found races of his on you tube....always gave a gallent effort to win.

    Name: Hes Solid Gold AKA Gabe
    6 years old drk bay white star

    Currently located in Portland CT.

    If anyone out there can offer him a forever home....he will be able to start writting the new chapters of his life.

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    call old friends maybe they could help you...
    Mai Tai aka Tyler RIP March 1994-December 2011
    Grief is the price we pay for love- Gretchen Jackson
    "And here she comes. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's ZENYATTA!"

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    Default Florida Retirement

    There is a rescue in Florida that may consider him, since he was bred in Florida. I Can't remember the name of it for the life of me, but if you google T.R.O.T they may be able to help you. TROT is a type of Canter organization that works with horses that run at Tampa Bay Downs and I would think they can point you in the right directions. And what a kind person you are for helping him!!!

    Good Luck!


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    He was bred by Live Oak in Ocala: Perhaps they would either retire him or help? Not sure, but it might be worth reaching out to them?

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    Aug. 18, 1999
    Sandy Hook, CT


    Simkie....good idea...I will email them tomorrow...

    We have made arrangements for him to be boarded on my friends farm in Ocala if I can't find another place for him to live...

    Have to say that I don't know to many people who can afford to take a horse...have it operated on and then pay to retire it for the rest of its life...

    Like I said before...Gabe deserved to have a shot at life...he tried so hard for his people when he was a racehorse....a shame they didn't do the same for him in return

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