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    Default re-training an old cat, set in her ways

    8 or 9 months ago I brought home a barn cat with the intention of finding her a new barn home if she didnt like being in the house. Well, she actually turned into a whole new cat and seems to really enjoy living in the house. She lived in a barn for at least 5 years previously, maybe more. But she was always very timid and would not leave one stall that was used to store hay. She may have used a litterbox in the stall occasionally but I'm pretty sure she usually peed on the hay

    In my house she stays mainly in the living room and insists on going to the bathroom in front of my front door! At first I tried a litter box in that spot but she refused to use it, so I set down a plastic tray from a dog crate and put puppy taining pads down. She doesn't mind this, and I don't mind using the pads instead of kitty litter, but I would love for her to use this set up in another part of the house, or even just another part of the ROOM. When I put the tray elsewhere, even just a few feet away from the door, she poops and pees on the floor in front of the door. Right now I have a metal crate and an up-side-down laundry basket baracading the immediate area in front of the door, but now she just goes right in front of those. And I still cant use my front door

    Anyone have any advise on getting her to want to go to the bathroom on the tray instead of in front of the door, regardless of if there is anything there to catch it?

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    Paying it forward since the responses I got from my post about barncat with bathroom issues reminded me:

    A no-kill shelter recommended using liquid douche - any brand, any "flavor" except vinegar & water - to saturate the place my male housecat was spraying. Worked like a charm.

    The enzymes in the douche destroy the faint trace of scent that makes the cat return to the favored spot.

    Spot-test your flooring & if the douche doesn't harm it, soak the space liberally then blot up excess with a towel.
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    Could you perhaps confine her to a small room like a utility room or bathroom with either a tray or litter box until she becomes used to using it?

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    Sounds like a cat who may have never been trained to use the litter box and is just picking a spot to do her thing, rather understanding she needs to potty inside a specific object. If so, you've got to start from the very beginning, by confining her in a small place with a box or your tray or whatever. Since she's been outside, perhaps dirt (or hay, if you think she'll pee on hay?) in the box will give her the idea. You can transition to litter (or not) once she's solid on using the box to do her business. The cat attract litter might also be a good option...

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