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    Aug. 27, 2004
    The Land of Oz

    Default What are you thankful for this year?

    What are you thankful for so far this year?

    I am thankful for many things, but here are a few of mine:
    1) my husband.
    2) our home.
    3) my pets.
    4) my horse.
    5) my job(s)
    6) my wonderful family and my wonderful friends.

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    Aug. 10, 2010
    Western NY

    Default thankful for...

    My health, my family, my dear animals. That the last horse I bought, which will probably be my last horse, is turning into everything I hoped he would.

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    Sep. 20, 2005


    1. My family.
    2. My job.
    3. My horse.
    4. My dog.
    5. That I finally saw a shitty friend for who she really is.
    6. That I am otherwise surrounded by really great people.
    7. Karma.

    ETA - Oh, and veterans. Grateful to them as well.
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    "Are you yawning? You don't ride well enough to yawn. I can yawn, because I ride better than you. Meredith Michael Beerbaum can yawn. But you? Not so much..."
    -George Morris

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    Mar. 14, 2010
    Earlysville, Virginia


    I'm trying this new thing...thinking positive. So this thread is perfect

    I'm thankful for:
    1. My amazing, supportive family.
    2. My ridiculously great, patient, caring boyfriend.
    3. My job--its low paying and has nothing to do with my degree, but hey, ITS A JOB!
    4. My horses, even though they're difficult sometimes.
    5. Veterans!!
    6. CAFFEINE and the Venti pumpkin spice latte that is in my hand right now.
    Charlie Brown (1994 bay TB X gelding)
    White Star (2004 grey TB gelding)

    Mystical Moment, 1977-2010.

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    May. 16, 2001
    Alaska. Not in an Igloo.


    1. My fur children are all healthy
    2. I have a (union) job and got a promotion, and a kickass evaluation.
    3. My 10 year HS reunion is this summer and I got way better looking with age.
    4. My truck is paid off.
    5. My credit is excellent.
    6. The cutest lease pony in the world.
    7. Riding after 1 year off and "you can't tell".
    8. getting into law school with big scholarships (thankful in
    9. COTH OT DAY.
    Seig Heil Polo Shirt!

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    May. 24, 2006


    That my husband appears to be on the mend. I have a job, he has a job, my animals are at the moment all healthy despite having several really senior ones. That my riding horse took me to my first show in over 30 yrs and parked me around like a piece of cut glass despite him being a race horse for 10 years and it was his first show ever. That the rest of my family is all in good health...I really could not ask for more except maybe that we move to a warmer climate . (Not likely)

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    Mar. 11, 2004
    Souderton, PA


    I just made a blog post about this last week!
    My CANTER cutie Chip and IHSA shows!

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    Dec. 31, 2000
    El Paso, TX


    My alchoholic brother that had quit drinking for 15 yrs, only to start up again 7 yrs ago, and then in the last 6 months VERY heavily (a fifth of vodka a night for the last month of drinking), has quit drinking again and been sober for approx 2 months.

    My family and loved ones are in good health. My animals are all healthy.

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    Jun. 1, 2003
    The Shake and Bake State


    I am thankful that I finally found a job. I am thankful for being able to have Frodo. I am thankful for Dave, my very good man. I am thankful to have supportive parents (even if they think I am crazy).
    ~Amy~ TrakehNERD clique
    *Bugs 5/86-3/10 OTTB Mare* RIP lovely Lady, I miss you
    *Frodo '03 Anglo Trakehner Gelding*
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