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    Default Getting the Potential Foxhunter Experience

    I have a very pretty draft x for sale (this is not an ad). She has hunted a couple of times over the course of the last few years, including packing my newbie husband around for a great weekend at Hunter's Rest last year! A very experienced foxhunter took her out for opening hunt yesterday and said she has the makings of a great hunt horse- stands stock still, doesn't mind hounds running about, etc., and thought if I could get her out consistently all season she would make a perfect packer. I am not a member of a hunt, nor do I have time with two small children at home to try and cap a lot this season. Is there a market for leasing her? Am I silly to think it would be a good deal for someone if I was paying board and they got to hunt her? Any thoughts are welcome.

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    She's off to a good start! You have the draft cross thing in your favor, they are not universally sensible, but have a tendency to be that way. (I will now be bombarded by people with horror stories about TB brains/draft bodies--yes, I have two of those.)

    Your individual circumstances, location, who you know--all these determine whether you'll find her an apprenticeship. Could you ask the person who hunted her if they can think of someone who might want to bring her along? Frankly, it's a pain to make a field hunter and it can take several seasons. You usually get one or two free passes before the horse figures out what's going on, and gets silly.

    It sounds like she has the right stuff, but you'll also want to keep in mind the possibility that any horse who hunts regularly does risk injury. Would it be a financial disaster to have her laid up? Is she already very fit and thoroughly well trained? By that, I mean, does she load and haul nicely, stand tied, behave for the farrier, respond obediently to the rider's aids even at a gallop in wide open spaces? Is she sound and conformed to tolerate a lot of hard work and the demands of the hunting countries where you live?

    You could try to advertise her locally or on the classifieds here. It certainly does not hurt that she has been out one time and done well. I am not going to ask you about her age, size, breeding and all that or we'll get in trouble with this forum's rules.

    Best wishes on finding her a happy hunting home. When I was starting out and hunting marginally sound and completely crazy horses, I would have been in heaven if I could bring along a nice horse and have someone else pay her board. You might find somone willing to do it for you, just be careful they do it sensibly and don't treat her like a rented mule.

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    Thanks for taking the time to respond FF! You have given me lots of things to think about.

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    You might try posting on foxhunters online. It's a good resource for all things foxhunting. As long as you've represented her honestly, you might find someone who would be willing to take her out--especially if their horse is out for whatever reason. However, making a hunt horse isn't easy, and isn't always safe, so if you want her trained, you will more likely have to pay someone to make her.

    If you've gone out with Betsy, and she knows the horse, you might check with her and see if she might be interested or knows someone who might take her on.

    And, also, all the stuff Flagstaff Foxhunter said.

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