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    Aug. 5, 2006

    Default Mystery lameness..anyone want to play armchair vet this afternoon

    Background.....Rider ran horse over a boulder (aka rock) about 2 months ago. Horse was initally lame on left hind. Farrier came out, confirmed that he was foot sore, we soaked/time off. Then the lameness seemed to be in the right hind (note horse was 100 percent sound before this happened).

    Had vet out....after blocking right fetlock. Horse went sound. Vet injected fetlock with Cortisone/Vetlog. Horse started to get somewhat better over the next three-four weeks, but never 100 percent. Farrier came, I had him put gel and pads on back feet for support. Horse seemed a tiny bit better. Vet wanted horse in normal turnout since he is older and not a runner. I've been walking him under saddle every other day and occassionally trotting just to see if there is improvement.

    Had vet out yesterday to recheck. Still the same as when farrier put pads/gel on. Vet now says dsld. Love my vet, but I am not buying dsld. This came on acutely and the horse has no other visible symptoms of dsld. He now has me putting the horse on adequan (don't mind, won't hurt him) and we are going to put bar shoes on the back to stabilize the fetlock (don't mind, farrier had already suggested this if no improvement by next shoeing)

    I actually had some of the AAKG and Jiaogulan left from when he diagnosed my other old horse with dsld about a year and a half ago. That horse doesn't have it either. Thought it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and put him on those two supplements for short term. And I'm having him go out in his sports medicine boots.

    Today I walked him and he felt nice and swinging. Had a kid trot him in straight lines on Sunday so I could see him go. We were on a grassy area. When he went up the very small incline, he looked totally sound, when he went down the small incline he looked off again.

    I think soft tissue, but vet says that should have healed by now and it's the beginning stages of dsld. I just don't buy it, especially since he's basing this entire diagnosis on looking at the right hind fetlock. He is older and is a former sure he has some age on those back legs, I'm not disputing that...but I still think dsld is a stretch.

    Anyway..anyone want to play armchair vet and give me suggestions? Total time elapse since injury is about 8 weeks.

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    Jul. 17, 2007
    Landrum, SC


    Radiographs? Ultrasound? I'd want one or both of those before I did any more treatment. And I'd want them done by a large clinic or hospital, if possible. Weird stuff comes through those doors all the time.
    Athletic Horses. Educated Riders.

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    Aug. 5, 2006


    I'm just not going to subject him to the vet school at this time. Going the conservative route unless things don't get better in the next few weeks.

    Stressful for him and I am already too broke at this point.

    May be in our future if things don't resolve.

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