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    Default Doma Vaquera Eight Horse Quadrille - Ridden One Handed!

    Superb horsemanship!!
    "No matter how well you perform there's always somebody of intelligent opinion who thinks it's lousy." - Laurence Olivier

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    Well they are doing a lot of the same moves that a good reining horse does, while being ridden with one hand. I was hoping for a slide there at the end, which was not there, neither was there a really good spin

    Of course, if you want to see Freestyle reining with NO Hands, check out Stacey Westfall.
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    No time to watch it all, but technically speaking, those turns in the start are more of a piruette than a reining spin.
    Horses are still cantering with clear three beat gaits there, as in a piruette.
    A reining spin is flat and the front legs cross over and over and over.

    In a piruette, you do have more action behind, the horse really canters around.
    Here they almost steady the hind end into place, but still cantering and by far not to the extreme of collection a reining spin demands.

    I will watch the whole when I come back.
    Lovely, lovely to watch, thank you.

    Got to watch the whole, very nicely done.
    The last stop was a bit rough and bouncy, detracting from the mostly smooth riding before that.
    The canter work thru it all was more difficult than it appears. They make it look easy and is well done, with few resistances showing here and there.
    Seem like nice, light, fit, attentive and relaxed horses.
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    Cool video!

    Like Bluey said, those are pirouettes rather than spins. Doma vaquera is closer to dressage than to reining. And while they're both done one-handed, the reining is different as well. Doma horses aren't neck-reined like reiners are, again it's more like when the old dressage masters did tests one-handed on the curb (I know Podhajsky at least did exhibitions this way, he's just the first example that comes to mind).

    I haven't seen too many half-passes or other lateral movements in reining patterns either. And I don't think you'd want a doma horse to slide, since it evolved from the quick movements required in Spanish bullfighting--you'd wind up sliding right into some horns.

    I do like watching Stacy Westfall, though. And it is interesting to see how they're all related, since early western horsemanship was influenced by Spanish horsemanship in the southwest, which you can even see in a lot of the western terms (mustang, hackamore, rodeo, ranch, etc. all are English takes on Spanish words).

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    Doma Vaquera originates from Spanish cowboys where a garocha (long pole) is used. Tack and dress differ from Working Equitation or Alta Escuela.

    Alta Escuela;

    Working Equitation;
    which nincludes a modified dressage test, and cows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Equibrit View Post
    Doma Vaquera originates from bullfighting where a garocha (long pole) is used. Tack and dress differ from Working Equitation or Alta Escuela.
    A garrocha was used to handle cattle for centuries.
    At times, a rope was attached to the garrocha to catch a wayward critter, rather than throwing the rope as cowboys do.
    Bull fighting in arenas came much later.
    Picadores do use a sort of garrocha to weaken the bulls in the arena, or whatever reason they have to use it, but it is not a real garrocha or used as one is generally, other than being a long pole, just as this video is based, but not really doma vaquera itself, but a demostration of some of those skills, adapted to showcasing in an arena.

    I guess we need to define first more what terms we want to use to mean what.
    Without that, anyone can call whatever they want any one name they choose.

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