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    Feb. 21, 2011

    Default Albion Kontact Jewell Saddle / Albion Leather Colors

    Hi all,

    I just placed an order for an Albion Kontact Jewell saddle, which is definitely the saddle that fit my horse best. I'm very excited for the saddle and looking forward to receiving it.

    I just got word from the saddle fitter who placed the order that there is a problem with the leather in the color that I ordered (chocolate), and it will add a lot of time to the order to get it in that color. (It's already about 8 weeks to receive the saddle.)

    They could make the saddle in old havana, an even darker brown, and still do it in the usual time frame. Or they could get leather in oak brown--which I haven't seen a sample of--in a slightly longer, but not terribly long time frame (since it's not one of there usual colors--hence why the saddle fitter didn't have a sample of it.)

    My question is: does anyone know what color Albion's oak brown is? They are sending the saddle fitter a sample but it's from overseas so may take a bit to receive, and I'm trying to make a color decision ASAP so I don't add even longer to the order.

    I sound so impatient! I'm willing to wait for the right thing--this is a big investment for me so I want the saddle to be all I imagined, including the less-important aspects, like color. At the same time, I'd also like to get my stupidly hard-to-fit horse into something comfy in the relatively near future.

    Anyway, if anyone has a photo of Albion's oak brown I would greatly appreciate it. Also feel free to weigh in on old havana (which would arrive in 8 weeks), oak brown (which would arrive later than that), or chocolate (which would arrive even later), or share your general feelings about the Albion Kontact Jewell (hopefully good ones--ha ha!).

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    That color is LIGHT with no tinge of red, just a really yellowy almost-tan. when I was considering the same saddle, I did not consider that color an acceptable one for me. I didn't love any of their colors, to be honest. The Hanava was say too dark and was going to be black looking before long. The oak was pukey yellow and light. The chocolate was the only one I found accpetable.

    I don't have a swatch or photo, sorry.

    I ended up going Black Country instead. I did VERY MUCH like the Albion Jewell but I liked the BC just a titch more. Could have gone either way. Liked them both a lot.
    "The Son Dee Times" "Sustained" "Somerset" "Franklin Square"

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    Feb. 21, 2011


    Thanks so much for your feedback!

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