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    Aug. 5, 2002

    Default Help - Inhaled Lungful of Hay Dust

    I was transferring a container of old hay cubes into a bucket this evening and accidentally inhaled a wicked amount of hay cube dust. My lungs/breathing feels terrible now and I'm wondering if there's any home remedies for this?

    If you can rinse your eyes, nasal passages, etc when they get full of debris, is there anything you can do about the lungs?


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    Jan. 30, 2007


    I'd suggest a visit to your doctor...I remember hearing about something called farmer's lung from chronic inhalation of I am probably WAY off base, but regardless, I'd want to make sure that you're OK.
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    Default inhale

    Did the dust really go into your lungs or just into your upper respiratory system? Seriously. What are your symptoms----sneezing---coughing---? Did you do a big deep inhalation or just normal breathing through your nose?

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    Apr. 27, 2008


    Gosh, I'm sorry!

    Go to the doctor and tell us what he/she says.

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    Aug. 25, 2007


    Just checked with wife (M.D., Board Certified in Occupational and Aerospace Medicine).

    You should go and see you doctor as a precaution, but it's likely that you'll be prescribed the toughest of all medicines to take, Tincture of Time.

    When membranes become irritated by a foreign substance they produce mucus as a way of ridding themselves of the irritating material. This does require fluid, so drink some extra water to give the membranes the "fuel" they need to do their job.

    In time they will.

    It is possible to have allergic or sensitivity reactions to foreign substances and these can lead to secondary problems. This is why you really should see your doctor so that any secondary issues can be quickly and effectively addressed.

    On a personal note, I am allergic to grass pollen and dust. When I get a facefull it's unpleasant and I end up taking an extra dose of Flonase and Xyzal for a day or two. And drink extra fluid. If I had a buck for every time this has happened I'd be living in a bigger house with a bigger barn and a fancier truck and trailer.

    The experience is, I'm sure, unpleasant. It's probably not life threatening!


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    Nov. 11, 2006


    DOCTOR!!!! I got a breathful of moldy/dusty grain when I was dumping it into my feed bin, and by the next day, my "dangly thing in the back of my throat" (I always forget what it's called), was so swollen, I couldn't talk or swallow. A visit to the emergency room later, lots of doctors and nurses coming to look (they'de never seen one that big lol), and some steroids and super benadryl later, I was good to go.....but it could have been bad.

    Needless to say, the feed store and the grain manufacturer got a phone call, the grain was returned, and I recieved a check to cover my medical bills, plus a little bit extra to not sue lol

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    Unless you develope symptoms indicative of severe allergies, follow the advice of another poster - increase fulids and (not to be gross) get used to hawking up black stuff for a couple of days. Not much chance of developing farmer's lung from one snootful of hay dust, or even many; it is caused by inhaling chemical vapours, dust from the old wettable powder pesticides and mould spores combined with solid whiffs of diesel smoke. Farmer's lung isn't so common now with easier to handle chemicals, hopper bottom grain bins and tractors and combines with cabs.
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    Dangly thing in back of throat is a Uvula.

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    and beet pulp is the worst, btw. Ever pour a bag of beetpulp into a feedbin? Major dustcloud.

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    You need an airy stall, as much turnout as possible and your hay should be soaked......
    Oh wait, you're not a heavey horse, are you?

    Seriously - a call or visit to your doctor would not be out of order.
    But in all likelihood you'll just work it out of your system unless you have a history of some nasty allergies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2DogsFarm View Post
    You need an airy stall, as much turnout as possible and your hay should be soaked.......
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    Breathing the steam in a hot shower helps, too.

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