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    Question Interested in Equine Rehabilitation Therapy... help?

    I am a junior in High School and I would like to pursue becoming an Equine Rehabilitation Therapist. Problem is, there seems to be no degrees for this field, and I am not exactly sure where to begin to look. Midway offers a Equine Science degree that focuses on Health and Rehabilitation. The other college I am looking at right now is UK and that offers pre-vet and Equine Science. My question is what degree is going to benefit me more, pre-vet or equine science? I know that many rehab centers want their employee's to have tons of previous on hands experience with horses, such as TB's on the track, show barns, etc. I've been riding for about 11 years so I have experience, just not to the extent I know they are looking for. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to look? Also what to look into? I am really not interested in becoming a vet, but if I have to to reach my dream I guess I would consider it. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Well, I hope I can give you some insight, if not, at least I bumped up your post.

    I would go with pre-Vet. As for experience, I think the track would be a great learning atmosphere, but that's just me. Not sure if there's any universities that work next to racetracks or not.

    Good luck to you and your endeavours.
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    I believe SUNY (State University of NY) Morrisville just got approval for one. Just google them.

    Morrisville is about 30 miles from Syracuse, NY.

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    If you're not really interested in becoming a vet, why major pre-vet? Maybe a business degree with a minor in Equine Science? Try to find internships over the summer with rehab facilities or as a vet tech (not all equine clinics require vet techs to be licensed and most will take volunteers). Investigate the potential might change your mind.

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    KESMARC (Kentucky Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center) offers internships...

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    the equine rehab program at morrisville is up and running!
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