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    Default Best joint supplement?

    I'm looking into starting on a joint supplement.. whats the best one out there for the money?
    If it helps, I'm not looking to "fix" a problem, more as a "preventative measure" to keep my mare's joints nice and healthy in the long run.

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    Great hoof care, great conformation, great footing, great weight, optimal fitness. Best prevention available. Adding supplements just for "prevention" is completely unproven and probably worthless. I'd take the several hundred dollars a year and keep it right in my pocket, maybe spend it on upgrading the footing in my arena or somthing that actually would help the horse's joints down the road.
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    Agree with what deltawave said...

    As far as a feed through supplements go, depending on your horse - for example one of my horses has really poor joint fluid (verified by my vet) and can get stiff - I found Four Flex with HA works really well for him. However, it has a rice bran base and makes one of my other horses very "hyper".. My other guy does well on Lubrysine. He has arthritis (verified by vet via xrays) so vet wants him on a HA product. Vet recomended Legend but it's IM and about 170 a month. If I was showing this guy and riding a lot more I would do th Legend but since we are not competeing hard he manages well on the Lubrysine.

    Adiquan helps my stiff horse but doesn't do much for my arthritis horse... SO it really depends on what you are dealing with and how your horse reacts to feeds.
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