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    Default Riding and hip replacements

    An older friend of mine is having serious arthritis hip issues. She has been riding and showing hunters for many many years. Doctors are recommending hip replacements.

    Does anyone have any experience with hip replacements and riding - recovery issues?*length of *time until riding?* time until jumping ? time until showing ? time until feel completely normal? Was it worth it?

    Any insight will be appreciated.
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    I'd like to know about this, too.

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    I'm no longer riding, but my 2 replaced hips have nothing to do with that. They gave me no problem. The recovery time depends on whether the surgery is done with the older posterior approach or with the newer, MUCH BETTER anterior approach. Have your friend research the Jiffy Hip as it is usually called. My doctor, Anthony Carter at Hampton Roads Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Newport News, VA, is one of the pioneers with this approach. He frequently travels to train other doctors to do the surgery this way, and people come from many places to have Dr. Carter do their surgery. Where does your friend live?

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    Default Hip replacement

    I had my hip done last December and was feeling 100% in July/August of this year. My first ride was 16 weeks post surgery however my surgeon said I could try at 12 weeks, I wasn't ready. THe first time I mounted it probably took me 10 minutes to get situated, I thank God for my horse who understood he had to be patient with me and endured the process without walking off or being a jerk, he is a saint. I actually think they knew something was wrong with me, the horses all could smell the wound or maybe they just know me, but they all even the TB who has no respect for personal space, gave me room. Horses trained to give to pressure would stand firm for me to use their bodies to give me support.
    I am still not as agile as I used to be, 45 % angles are hard and I can't move as quickly as I used to be able to..........

    However I am Pain Free and can ride my horse, I have my life back. After living for 2 years in constant pain with the hip the recovery was a piece of cake and nothing compared to the pain prior to surgery. Tell her to go for it but to check out her surgeon as not all surgeons are equal.
    BTW, I skipped the later PT sessions and went straight to massage which helped me heal much quicker. I was so crooked after limping around for 2 years my muscles had to learn to be normal again.

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    Jun. 5, 2006


    I had bilateral hip replacements on Oct 2004, was riding again the first week of December. Replacements were the best thing I ever could have done- my hips were so bad I had trouble even leading my horses to and from the pasture. If you search COTH you will see lots of info on the subject, all positive.
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    Go over to the riders with disabilities board, there are a bunch of us with hip replace ments that are riding, me, zuzu, c4hourses, others......

    I did a 3 day 15 hr ride last weekend. My hip was fine, my back killed me cause the group went way too slow. Last time with them....
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    DH had a replacement at a young 34-he's comfortable and rides fine on his new hip!

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    I too have a replacement hip joint. Walking and riding hurt... a lot!

    3 years post surgery and I am hip pain free. Should have done it earlier.

    Do ask about the different hip replacement options. Not all Surgeons are qualified to perform all the different types of replacement hip joints.

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