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    Default Spin-off PNWers: Eugene Tack Auction?

    Post-Canby Tack Sale, a local told me where some of this stuff comes from: The Eugene Livestock Auction has a tack section the second Sunday of every month.

    Has anyone been? It seems like a great way to cut out the middle man if they have what you want.
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    Never heard of it....

    Me at an auction is dangerous business! I'm afraid I'd come home with another horse.
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    Apr. 28, 2006


    I go to the eugene tack sale regularly... Yes, deals can be had. The buyers are mostly western people, so english stuff goes super cheap. I have seen Stubben saddles in great shape sell for $100.... It is on the 2nd sunday of every month and starts at 12-12:30ish...runs about 3 hours, and horses sell imediately after. This is considered a low end/kill horse auction- although there are plenty of decent horses that go through, so if you are not prepared to see some rough looking horses, do not go. It is at the livestock sale yard just off of Hwy 99, between Junction City and Eugene. They also have a livestock sale every saturday at 11:30.

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    Speaking of which....I AM looking for a Stubben deep seated great big honkin' knee rolls old fashioned jumping saddle - only with a wide/wider/widest tree. I had such a treasure and stupidly sold it years ago when I decided no more green horses (what I used to start colts in). Along comes mega draft cross and as he is an experienced back country horse and I am a trail rider who is very physically uncomfortable in a western saddle I am looking for a Stubben to trail ride in.

    BUT no way, no how, am I going to go to the Eugene Livestock Auction. I don't want to say what I know about them in an open forum but suffice to point out, it ain't good...and I don't want to get sued. First hand info from a retired local brand inspector who worked that and Woodburn for years (and Woodburn isn't much better).

    What mid-Willamette Valley peeps need to do is convince Major to have the Grandaddy of All Tack Sales at the Oregon Horse Center perhaps to kick off what is expected to be a grand re-opening with more boarding and more arenas. It could even be held to benefit local 4-H or USPC or Eugene PC clubs or - my personal hope - a "some day, some way" regional state of the art equine vet center that offers financial assistance for Xtreme vet care for financially strapped barely surviving this Second Great Depression horse owners.

    I have buttonholed Major about this idea....wouldn't hurt for others to do so too.

    The local ODS chapter used to have a really REALLLY great 2-day tack sale every February in Veneta, not sure that happens any more, I've been sort of out of that loop for a number of years now.
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    Apr. 28, 2006


    Woodburn doesn't hold horse sales anymore. The only place that has a monthly horse sale anymore is Eugene. I think the owners just don't care. There are a lot of things that they should do differently, but they don't. I think a big tack sale in eugene similar to canby would be a great thing. Just like the horse expo they had at the horse center in may... I went ot that and it was somethign I may try to do this next year..much more affordable vendor booths than the albany horse expo.

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