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    Default Foolproof Methods to Mounting a Saddle Nameplate?

    Finally got Mr. P a lovely saddle that fits him and it's time to mount the dreaded nameplate on it...I can remember having fits getting it on straight and level with past saddles and would like this to be as quick and painless as possible. Does anyone have any tips, or a fool-proof method? I've tried measuring and all that but I really only want to have do this once and figured someone must know an easier way.

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    It's actually easier just to eyeball where you want it. Put a tiny piece of tape on the back of the plate to help hold it in place. Use a small regular nail to start the hole. The brass nails may not go in stright without the starter hole.

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    ^^Ditto this. Tape is your friend
    Also, I found needle nose pliers to be helpful in holding those tiny nails in place.
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    Every nameplate I've put in, I've eyeballed it and had a friend hold the saddle from moving while I put the nails in. Once I have the nails in a bit, I put a piece of cloth or something over the nameplate to keep it from getting scratched while I tap in the rest of the way.

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    Not just a dap of tape on the back, but then painters tape over the whole thing - keeps it in place and stops plate from getting scratched. And the needlenose pliers to hold the nail are essential as well.

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