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    Default Insurance Questions

    I have a gelding, age 13. He was a $5,000 horse but has, in the past two years, become a very good show horse for us at the Arabian Shows in Sport Horse in Hand, Sport Horse Under Saddle, and Training Level Dressage. My husband asked me, sort of in passing, if we ought to get insurance on him.

    I have no idea what it costs to insure a horse. I would be interested in what I think is called Loss of Use, or something like that.

    If you have had insurance, has it worked for you? What company do you recommend? Is Loss of Use insurance affordable? I don't know if there are other questions I should be asking.

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    LOU is very pricey, and to cash in on it, many times you have to turn over the horse. Major Medical and Mortality is much more common to have.

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    I'd do MM and Mortality.. loss of use not so much. As HB said.. you have to turn over the horse usually, and I would not be willing to do that. I know a lot of people use Jarvis.

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    I have a gelding younger than you insured for a little more.

    MM and MI is around $600 a year.
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    There's the exact same post above you. Anyway - Joe Lombard at Corinthian is top-notch. You can read my fulsome praise in the other thread.
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