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    Default Just a quick question regarding suspensory rehab...

    I am currently rehabbing my horse's double hind suspensory injuries. For those of you with the experience of rehabbing suspensories, do you give them the occassional day off or have a lighter work day tossed in here and there?

    My horse is in the undersaddle portion of his rehab with trotting and I was just curious what others have done. Thanks!

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    During the rehab of a collateral ligament (so not exactly the same thing) my horse was never ridden on Mondays, but hand-walked instead. We also lost a number of days to rain/muddy footing. Some of those days he could be hand-walked but not always. If he just missed a day or two I started back where I left off. If we missed more than that I tended to go back approximately the number of days we missed. More or less. I probably drove my trainer and her assistant crazy when the month of trotting ended up taking three months.
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    We stuck with the weekly exercise protocol from our vet and if we missed a day, we just picked up at the same pace - never more work because of a missed day. We also missed some time due to flooding, but handwalked when we couldn't work under saddle. I did adjust the protocol back one week during this time so that we didn't move ahead to more work until we had met the goals of the week before.

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    With my front suspensory the official word from the vet was 5 days a week. However, I believe, the regime was mostly a prescription for the human to maintain some level of consistency. Less than 5 days meant backtracking or treading water.

    With my hind suspensory, an acute injury, I believe I maintained a 5-6 day/wk regimen. I live a good ways from the barn (plus job, plus life) and I considered it to be on the level of heroic proportions that I was able to maintain that consistency for an extended period of a year or more with maybe two or so exceptions. At best guess, I would go out 13 out of every 14 days. That's one day totally stallbound. I think I remember the vet even saying something to the effect of: it won't hurt the horse to stay in the stall for a day once a week or so. From my experience, there's 1-2 days per week where the horse was tired or one of us just needed a break! Maybe once or twice, I gave the horse 2-3 days off if I thought she was tired or sore. Your mileage may vary! Listen to your horse.

    The vet I refer to is an expert in the field of lameness injuries, not just a good gp vet.

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    My vet's advice to a barn-mate with a hind suspensory stain was 5-6 days per week, but never 2 days off back to back. If the horse worked 6 days in a week, one of the middle days was usually a walk only day regardless of how many minutes of trotting they were up to.

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    Mine was worked 6 days/wk
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