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    Default Decluttering- managaing stuff around the house?

    I am always amazed at how neat people's houses are. How do you keep your stuff organized? Any tips for where to keep stuff so it looks neat. Esp with a toddler and toys, but even all of the electronic stuff and general stuff. How do you deal with your mail/ papers etc.

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    toss generously.

    and a lot of people with neat houses have the dirty secret somewhere behind a closed door or two.

    best way to deal with mail/paper clutter:
    take it out of the mailbox, separate between trash and stuff with personal info. Stop by trash can on the way in the house, drop trash off.
    then sort by important/needs to be read/kept and junk. Shred junk.

    deal with rest accordingly.

    As for toddler junk, you have to get storage containers and pick up the stuff constantly.
    Helps to have one dedicated toddler junk room and keep their treasures out of grownup spaces (as if I ever managed to do that)

    But generally, we have more stuff than we ever need. I know I have about 2 or 3 times the stuff my house can hold and I am trying to eliminate as I go along. need to get busy on my laundry room.....the Goodwill will thank you!
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    I moved twice in a 13 month period, so I got to ditch a lot of dead weight. It's also easy for me to keep tidy since I live alone & the cats don't have opposable thumbs!

    The biggest thing is to designate a place for your Stuff and to keep it there. It takes just as much energy to put something back in it's proper place as it does to take it out in the first place. I have a small basket (used to hold french bread loaves) for the mail I need to deal with later. Junk mail goes straight to the recycle bin or the shredder.

    Don't put off tidying up the kitchen till "later." Clean it up right away. It really doesn't take that long and you feel so much better walking into a clean room late at night. Same with the bedroom & laundry: dirty clothes in the basket not the floor, wash when full, fold while you watch TV, put away in commercials.

    Spend a few minutes each day on a cleaning task. Just like you would pick out stalls daily rather than leave them alone until they were so nasty they required stripping, it's easier to dust tonight, vacuum tomorrow and clean the bathroom the next day, etc, than it is to save it all for "a weekend." Which never happens since you're more likely to be at the barn

    It is a constant chore to keep the house tidy, but, like barn chores, it doesn't seem so overwhelming if you do a little bit each day.
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    #1 rule: Do it now.
    #2 rule: Throw it out (or recycle/rehome as applicable)

    Applies to mail, the dishes, laundry... stuff that belongs somewhere else.

    I rarely set things down thinking "I'll put it away later". Even if that means extra steps.

    I keep a box for "unwanted" stuff. When the box gets full, it gets donated or given away. We also have an area for "future garage sale". When that get's full, either do the sale, or donate it. I regularly give items to friends I think might be interested. Items of value get consigned.
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    I move every few years (military), so I'm ruthless about throwing out or donating stuff I don't use/need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alagirl View Post
    and a lot of people with neat houses have the dirty secret somewhere behind a closed door or two.
    Yes, that would describe me perfectly

    Neat where people see my house but my spare bedroom? Holy moly, I can hardly open the door. I have family (sister and her family) that keep threatening to come and visit in the next year. I'm going to have to get that mess cleaned out!!!
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