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    Sep. 23, 2010

    Default Stem Cell therapy/Vet-Stem- has anyone tried it?

    I have heard of and I've been reading about Vet-Stem, a stem cell therapy for dogs that uses stem cells derived from their own fat, injected into their joints as s treatment for arthritis.

    Has anyone tried this for their own dog or know anyone who has?

    I am looking into it for my 11 year old, smallish terrier mix, who has arthritis in multiple joints. She is currently on Rimadyl and Cosequin, which help somewhat.

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    Yes! On a two year old corgi with bad hip dysplasia and arthritis. She had to be lifted into the car and was never able to jump up on the bed. <She belonged to my sister> After the treatment she was running up stairs on her own after about 10 days. Jumping on the bed and getting into the truck on her own after 30 days. There is some initial antii inflammatory response that helps the first little while and subsides in about a month. She did get a little more uncomfortable for awhile but has steadily improved. This was a dog that would have had to have had total hip replacement or been put down. The procedure not only saved her life but gave her good quality pain free time. She was treated about 6 months ago so I can't tell you how long the help may or may not last. She is a candidate to be retreated if my sister sees her having trouble in the future but so far so good.
    I have an older dog with arthritis in his elbow. We are going to have him treated next week to see if we can make him more comfortable. I would suggest finding a vet who has some experience and a lab who specializes in harvesting and growing the stem cells...
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    any knowledge about the costs of the procedure?

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