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    Default Whats up with the sport horse auction?

    I like one of them, but.....According to the terms, you have to perform a PPE BEFORE bidding? What if you don't win the bid? And you already paid to do a PPE?!?!? Plus, the auction is on for 2 days, how is that long enough to do a PPE? Am I missing something?

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    Don't know what auction you're referring to, but it's common practice at TB sales for the buyer to have their vet examine the horse (at buyer's expense). Most of the time the seller will have the horse's x-rays in the repository; buyer's vet then examines the x-rays, and may take additional films, and scope if he feels necessary.

    The seller pays for the initial set of x-rays in the repository, but the buyer pays for additional PPE info. Normal way of doing business. At cheaper sales and/or less expensive horses, the seller may opt out of radiographs for the repository, then it's 100% up to the buyer to take them (or take the risk of buying without). Having x-rays in the repository is to the sellers' favor (it seems suspicious otherwise), so most of them do it.
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    The horses in the auction have been listed for quite awhile now which would've given you enough time to have a PPE done if you wanted. Some horses have a vet certificate included. You can also just wait until auction is over and if the horse you're interested in doesn't sell you can contact owner and schedule a PPE

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    If you contact the owner they may be willing to release all vet records as well.

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