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    Dec. 2, 2004

    Default Rain Showers

    WHAT??? is the big deal with rain shower heads being so cutting edge popular now?

    Who wants all that water running down your face, with shampoo! Me, I want an angled shower head so I can enjoy the hot water stream on my neck and shoulders, and I can rinse my ( ) body parts and crevices. How do you do that without some contortions that are painful?

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    Jun. 23, 2003
    South Carolina


    They never look like the have much pressure behind them.. I'm wondering how people manage to actually get all the shampoo out of their hair. I can't stand poor water pressure.

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    Dec. 4, 2007


    I have the best of both worlds. My shower head is detachable, but it has a 10inch diameter so it is like the rainshower heads. Love it! Will miss it greatly when I move and can't take it with me
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    Apr. 4, 2010
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    hahaha! Yes, while I like the rain shower heads, I think an angled, old-school one seems much more effective.

    Reminds me of a college hallmate getting ready for us to go check out rentals for our sophomore year. She had made a chart for rating each place. Included were: parking, location to campus, social factor, bedroom size, and.... Shower head water pressure!

    Water pressure has become- because of her?? I don't know!- very important to me I love when a hotel has great water pressure in the showers... the worst is that measley little trickle where the water barely reaches your scalp. Gah!

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    Dec. 21, 2005
    Colorado Springs, CO


    I hate them too. I have very long and very thick hair that can take forever to rinse. A rain shower or low flow just doesn't cut it for me.
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    Jun. 12, 2006


    I thought I was the only one!!!

    I am super picky about shower heads and water pressure. I find a lot of showers aren't up high enough (and I'm only 5"6"!), and/or there is only water coming from the outer edge, so if you are standing right under it, the water is barely even hitting you!

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    Jul. 24, 2008


    Quote Originally Posted by Tuesday's Child View Post
    ...there is only water coming from the outer edge, so if you are standing right under it, the water is barely even hitting you!
    This makes me insane, like WHO designed that???!!!?

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