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    Default Curling anyone?

    Does anyone here curl?

    I've been trying to find something to join where I could meet some new people (not in the horse industry). Since last winter I had been thinking of joining our local curling club, ended up missing the registration for the season this year. However it looks like they have a few 4 week learn-to-curl programs, so thought about trying one of those before getting hooked into an entire season.

    I don't have any friends interested in signing up with me and due to some big anxiety issues always have trouble signing up for new things I want to try.

    So any advice? Should I go for it? Is it hard to learn? Fun? How do curling peeps compare to horse peeps ?

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    Sep. 24, 2008


    Curling a lot of the time here in Duluth, MN(where one of the last US Olympic Curling teams is based), means DRINKING! The curling club here is also a well equipped bar. I know a lot of people who go curling sundays and get toasted. I dunno how it is anywhere else, but I know thats part of the deal up here. I've never actually curled before, but I know a lot of people who do and they keep doing it so it must be somewhat enjoyable. From watching hours upon hours of footage during the olympics, it doesn't look difficult, but I am sure its very technical and strategic. I really wanted to learn last winter, so I say go for it!

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    Feb. 26, 2011
    Its not nowhere, but you can see it from here


    I think it is awesome, we are trying to get our local rink to have it. I figure it is my last chance to get to the Olympics!!

    Gotta love a sport where pizza and beer is consumed while practicing
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    Go for it. I curled off and on for years but finally gave it up when my left knee refused to bend enough a few years ago. I also never really mastered the brush - learned to sweep with a regular broom eons ago, then tried a Rink Rat, but didn't like it so back to the corn broom, and when handed a brush, looked at it like it was from outer space!! We actually were taught to curl when i was in school, and our instructor was a Canadian Brier winner.

    Take those classes so you learn to lift and throw 40 pounds of granite without hurting yourself. Classes teach you in turn, out turn, different weights, how to sweep and how to read ice. Well worth the cost.
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