I've been refurbishing my first trailer. I took everything off of it. No floor, windows, doors, chrome, etc. It's being treated for rust, dents being removed, and then primed and painted with a new floor and rubber mats on the walls, floors, and rear doors.

My current problem: It only has one tack/manger door, which is on the curbside. And when things are on the other side, well, it's a long way to the other side to get things.

The trailer in question is a 1990 Model WW 2-Horse Bumper Pull. I believe it is the Roper Delight, but I'm not completely sure.

I'm hoping on a divider in the middle with a saddle rack and 2 bridle racks attached to each side. But in order to do that, I need a door on the other side. We're going to carpet the entire inside of the tack compartments.

I'm horseless, and this is the closest horse thing I'm doing for now. As much as I'd love another horse, it's just not in the stars for me at this moment.

We're completely DIY'ing this trailer. Any ideas on where to get the doors at? HorseTrailerAccessories doesn't carry them, and that is where I'm getting most of my stuff from.