I'd like to find great homes for three of my ponies. I'm also open to them going as projects, just don't want them flipped for a quick buck into a bad situation.

Hill Croft Rhododendron "Denny" - Denny is a 2004 chestnut (flaxen mane and tail) stud by Hill Croft Nathan who is by Eastlands Laurel (an imported pony) and out Olney Wisteria who is by Olney Gepeto. Denny has basically been a pasture pet here. He is a very athletic, cute and smart pony! He's good for trimming, etc., can be tough to handle around mares. I have pictures and a copy of his papers I can email if anybody is interested or this link to my Facebook may work. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?...2333558&type=3

McCall's BB Caramel "Dora" - 2002 black mare by Baron's Benny VB and out of Code's Big Time Reminisee Jet. I bought this mare from a pony ride place, and I was told she's trained to ride and drive. I believe she's had some previous abuse issues because she's very fearful of people. I can't imagine trying to ride or drive her without training.

Code's Lucy VB "Lucy" - 1996 grey mare by Roadrunner Cody Grey and out of Duke's Honey VB. I bought Lucy while bred in Iowa where she was used as a broodmare. She's just been a pasture pet here. I have some pictures, but they're not very flattering She is a cute mare and several people in the Shetland world have told me she's a great producer.

I bought the Shetlands years ago because I thought my kids would have fun with them. My son lost interest in horses, and my daughter isn't really interested in them. They are free to good homes! We're located in New Cumberland, WV, it's in the northern panhandle. My email is srparis2@yahoo.com or 304-564-5958.