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    Apr. 26, 2000

    Default Horse Tramples Woman @ Biltmore & is then Euthanized?

    Any NC folks have any details on this? Just curious [nosey] why the mare was euthanized...

    Accidents can happen in a flash; what a horrible situation for this woman's family.

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    Dec. 25, 2007


    The stories I have seen are so poorly written that it is hard to come to a solid conclusion but it appears that she was not trampled but instead kicked to death.

    Another equally poorly written story mentioned that the horse had once kicked her and broken her arm.

    So apparently this was a very dangerous mare.


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    Sep. 23, 2010


    I suspect that this was a dangerous horse that the family didn't want to keep and didn't want to subject anyone else to. How sad! The stories are definitely not well written. I got the impression that the horse kicked and then trampled the woman.

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    North Carolina


    There is another thread on this in this same off course forum.

    Here is another article, I think its the same as someone else posted.

    Sounds like the horse was a known kicker and deemed dangerous. She broke the owners arm a while back because of a kicking incident.

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