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    Default Woman and Horse Who Saved Boy From Bear to Appear on Letterman Show,5008693.story


    A Whitefish, Mont., woman and the horse that helped her scare a charging grizzly bear away from an 8-year-old Illinois boy are booked on the Late Show with David Letterman next week.

    Erin Bolster was guiding a group of eight people on a trail ride near Glacier National Park on July 30 when a white-tailed deer followed closely by a grizzly bear crossed their path. Seven horses turned and went back down the trail while the boy's horse, Scout, ran into the timber, becoming the bear's next target.

    Bolster's story earned her an invitation to the Late Show, and producers wanted to book the horse, too.

    "They decided they really wanted Tonk out there, and they want to make him and me a bigger feature," Bolster told The Spokesman-Review in an email. "So in order to allow Tonk a more relaxed five-day trip to NYC (in his own climate-controlled van no less) and to schedule me on a date when they could allot me two segments, the producer set us to film and air on Oct. 11.

    "I'm quite excited and I think Tonk will be a real treat on camera," she wrote.

    Bolster's story has also earned her marriage proposals, job offers and a lot of new Facebook friends.

    She set up an account for people who have offered to chip in for Tonk's winter boarding.

    "I go out and give Tonk a carrot every time something new and good comes out of this," she said.
    "No matter how well you perform there's always somebody of intelligent opinion who thinks it's lousy." - Laurence Olivier

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    Yay for Tonk! Yay for David Letterman for showcasing the horse.

    Everything I've heard about Letterman and horses makes me think he "gets" it.

    Here is a picture of Tonk and a very weird write-up -- sounds like it was translated to English from some other language (refers to Tonk as an 'unequivocally vast equine'):
    ...somewhere between the talent and the potato....

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    I worked for a vet that cared for some of Letterman's horses and I can tell you he does get it, he takes good care of them and they're nice well-mannered horses. (unlike some other owned-by-famous-person horses I've met)

    The bears have been really really ill-behaved in Montana this year-I'll watch this young lady and Tonk Letterman for sure! we have a horse that looks a lot like Tonk but I can guarantee that Dozer would not be nearly so noble or obedient! Grizzly bear NOT good for Dozer!

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    Jan. 16, 2007


    Haven't watched Letterman in ages but I'll be sure to record this one!

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    I watched Letterman for the first time in ages last night, I fell asleep five mins into it I think we're about a week behind the US so if I set it to record for the next month I should be safe.
    where am I, what day is it, am I still having a good time?

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    Looks like it's scheduled to air on Oct. 11th:
    Equus Keepus Brokus

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