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    Default Strange Old Dog Behavior

    I have an older large mix breed female dog, 13 years old. I adopted her when she was 10 and she has always been a wonderful dog. I don't know if she was ever used for breeding, she was spayed when I got her.She is now going deaf and probably has trouble seeing as well. I am wondering if she is starting to go crazy too!

    Recently, she has started humping things. Not just other dogs or humans, but anything that smells like stinky stuff. She often does this when she gets excited. But sometimes she will just walk over to something and sniff it and start "humping" its not really a full "thrust" if there is any better way to describe it, she just kind of moves her but around.

    She never did this when I first got her, she didn't start the behavior because of new dogs or anything new stimulus that I can think of, and nothing in particular seems to bring it on. She will also just randomly walk up to anyone and sniff them, if she decides to, she starts humping, not grabbing on or anything, sometimes she will even walk away, still kind of humping. I don't understand what would make her do this. And it doesn't seem to be a dominance thing.

    Any suggestions? Experience? I really would prefer her not to participate in this behavior, and she stops immediately after correction but nothing I have tried has curbed her enthusiasm to begin with, partially beacause I don't know why she starts in the first place!

    ETA: I am not "trolling" this is an honest question.
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    Could be the start of a UTI, or Senility.
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    Talk to your vet; there's medication for dogs who mentally losing it and becoming confused.
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