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    Default Exiss Trailer Issue

    Anyone have a 3 Horse Slant Exiss Sport? This past summer I finally convinced my husband that the old 2 horse really was too small and the root cause of my mare's non-trailering issue.

    He didn't believe me until after a year of arguing with my mare, she just about walked right on the new big 3 horse.

    I only have one issue. I don't like the rear tack. And it is collapsible. But when I pull the locking pins and push the rear tack flat against the wall, then close both rear doors there is now a gap between the two doors where the rear tack post would be and I get a water leak there when it rains.

    Anyone else have this issue? How did you fix it other than unfolding the rear tack?

    Thanks, C.

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    I had a three horse slant with that configuration. I parked it with the rear tack in place to reduce moisture/critters, and shipped with it open against the wall. Having an air gap really isn't that big a deal, even if it is raining a little bit.
    Better air moving around than too airtight.

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    I have one too and love it. I ride sidesaddle .. and since sidesaddles are not evenly weighted - they will fall off a regular saddle rack - so I don't use them - but I do use the area for storing other show supplies. I like the previuos poster did not have issue with the small space when the rack area is closed. Never noticed that much water getting in.

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    I had the same thing with my Sundowner trailer. I have never used my rear tack, and when I bought it I had the dealer weld a long trim strip down one of the rear doors to fill the gap. It works perfectly and solved the issue. I don't remember what they charged, but it wasn't much.

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