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    Default Really random question

    When stating a horse's crossbreeding, does it matter which breed you put first? My filly is by a Connemara out of a Thoroughbred. Does it matter if I say she's a Conn/TB cross or a TB/Conn cross? I know, I know, it's a stupid nitpicky question! Just curious if there's any meaning to the order. She's branded ISR, is it proper to call that her breed?

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    My friend's mare is a conn./TB cross and that's what she calls her (conn. is the stallion). I really like her, I don't know Connemara's but her sire is Grange Finn Sparrow and she's a very athletic little thing. I want to jump her (friend rides dressage).

    Never really thought about it though....

    What are your plans for your girl?
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    usually speaking, ime, the sire is first. So if you have a horse sired by an arabian and out of a quarter horse mare, you would say Arabian/Quarter Horse cross.

    This changes a bit though. If you are showing in HA or marketing to them (well you really don't need to mention arabian as it's a given, but if you do...) most usually put the arabian first, whether it is the sire or dam. Also in certain crosses (Anglo-Arabians) the TB (Anglo) is mentioned first, but again that's a specific cross breed, and not your average cross.

    So you could either call her a Conn/TBx filly, or you could use Anglo-Connemara filly if you prefer (though that's not a common one i imagine).

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    If she is branded and registered ISR, then I would call her an International Sporthorse. That's her actual breed (rather than her breeding).
    My yearling is registered Oldenburg, so that's what she is (even though her sire- Contucci- is a Hanoverian, and her dam is a Dutch WB that is Oldeburg approved!)

    If ISR is too long or confusing, then my second preference would be Anglo-Connemara =)

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    You're likely going to get ten different answers from ten different people as to why they would put Connemara first or TB first.

    In my experience, whenever I've come across a TB cross, I find the "other half" normally comes first. ie. Welsh/TB, QH/TB, etc.

    Personally for me, we breed Welsh Ponies and Half Welsh. So, the Welsh breeding is what is most important to us, so all of the crosses are listed as Welsh/TB, Welsh/QH, etc.
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