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    Default watching helmet cam video

    Do you think one can improve ones "eye" for a distance by watching helment cam video?

    I was just wondering as I seem to find myself counting the last three strides out-it became a game to try to count 4,5 6 out! Biggest problem is somethime I dod not know where "we" are going so I cannot get my eye on the jump soon enough --but I guess if I watched the same video more than once I may remember where to start looking for the jump?!

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    The helmet cam video is a little hard to interpret precisely because of the wide angle lens. I can count the strides in my combinations and sort of tell when my guy chips in, but when I watch mine I can't really tell wwhere we are exactly either with regards to the jump. I do know the couple of close calls I've had XC are pretty glossed over by the camera. The last one, jump 15, was much worse than the camera would indicate. All in all, I think helmet cam covers a lot of sins.

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    I think it is a little hard b/c it all comes down to knowing the horse really. You can hear me counting my strides on some of my videos, but what I am counting isn't the approch we take. I can count in the same rythem to, over and away from the jump, but Storm is going with that rythem until 2 strides out when he moves up to them and throws my count rythem off. Now my mistakes don't look as bad on the helmet cam, but when I watch the ground footage it is HORRIBLE!!!! The helmet cam is very forgiving, but it does give me that sense of reliving those moments and I know what I did and where I did it and I can try to do my best next time to fix them!!!!
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    I do not use it to count strides into a fence. I use it to learn about speed.

    I am the Queen of cross country time faults.

    When I watch a helmet cam, I watch how fast the horse bobs his head, as he gallops in between jumps. It has helped me get a better sense of how fast I need to go.

    I did get two time penalties on cross country at the BN Championships at Stone Gate at 375mpm, so I was not able to maintain the faster head bob there.
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