Hi COTHers!

I recently just joined the forums here after being a longtime lurker. I really enjoy the atmosphere here and I hope to become an active member!

I am the last owner of Kaotic's Reality (Luck's Reality x Dependable Angel by Dependable). "Lux" passed away far, far too soon in January of 2009 and I am desperately seeking any kind of connection to him be it his last known trainer, his breeder, his last known owner, exercise rider, anything. Lux is a very, very special horse to me and even though his body is gone, I would like to know more about him.

Lux wasn't much of a racehorse (understatement of the year!) but he went on to be an extremely successful eventer. He and I formed a three year long partnership and as cliche as it is, I am the person AND the rider I am today because of him.

Any morsel of information would be beneficial but I know it is a longshot.

Thank you!