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    Default New half point scoring for next year. More info?

    Does anyone know why they have made this rule change? I think it will do something interesting to scores for sure. Sorry I can't copy and paste the rule change. I'm on my phone.

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    I think it's a good change. It gives judges a little more options. A movement that is performed well and you really want to give that 7 or 8, but something is missing (not quite enough impulsion or brilliance) but you feel the lower number would be a little harsh. Well, now you can give that 6.5 or 7.5!
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    Tends to up the scores, for fence sitters for the most part. However, it might highlight that one score is a smudge higher than another.
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    I look forward to the new system. I definitely had a judge who was fair, but for questionable scores appeared to always go lower with her score. Scores were lower than typical all day - but again, all fair if you looked at the score sheets. I had some movements which were definitely the lower end of the scores she gave me, and others which sure seemed to be the upper end. I think since it seems scores so much range from the 5-7 range for decent but not the best rides and 6-8 for much better rides it'll be nice to allow some differentiation.
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