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    Nov. 6, 2014
    Sunshine State. Down Under.


    Wow so busy this morning and yay at me being able to see the videos and piccies. AAAWWW and congrats to your DD Bitsa. I still can't get over how professional your jumps look over there.

    Such a lovely horse and rider Tiger. In contrast I have all the problems!!!!! I can't put my heels down. I curl my wrists. Etc
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    It is better to ride 5 minutes a day than it is to ride 35 minutes on a Sunday.

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    Jan. 19, 2013


    bitsa- big congrats to your daughter! Loved the earnest looks on their faces jumping

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    Sep. 26, 2013
    Bay Area


    greys - Totally agree with you about cost! I’m in NorCal so I can only imagine what the land some of these farms are on must be worth.. we’re probably all getting a crazy bargain! Sounds as though you had an amazing trip to the Hamptons - so jealous. Have I mentioned recently how much I miss the East Coast ? Love your description of the warm-up conversations, and also your resolution to smile!

    Tiger - Video! Hooray! Thanks for sharing you and Dodger both look pretty wonderful. It’s alway so painful watching video of yourself but he’s a lovely horse and you two appear to make a great team. Glad you’re feeling better about the direction things are moving with DT, too!

    Vanessa - Good to hear from you! I finally sat down and just wrote out what I think is important in a barn and why (to be fair - I feel like I’ve learned a lot about this even in the 2 months I’ve owned M!). That helped clarify a lot - and turnout, plentiful hay/forage, and trainer access really is key for us as well. Finally... ugh, saddles. Sending positive “let the saddle be adjustable” thoughts.

    Austen - YOWZA!!! Both specimens in that photo are absolutely gorgeous Hope the heat breaks soon! My parents live in Central NY and my mom was locked in the bedroom with the AC on high when I called her last night. That I don't miss!

    Sun - PH and his poles! I’ve become such a huge fan of poles in all forms - they’re so fun and great for the horses, but less stressful (physically and mentally, I guess ) than jumping courses!

    BITSA - Thanks for your words of advice re: figuring out what’s really important with boarding. Very well-taken I did this yesterday and found it helped tremendously. The pics of your DD are AMAZING! I love her and her saint of a pony. Huge congrats on a successful weekend!!!


    For me, two good days of work.

    We're up to a solid 40-45 minutes riding + warm-up and cool-down; nice W/T/C session yesterday. Man, our canter is still all over the place but at least we can hold it for longer... and I'm seeing definite progress at the walk and trot. Did a bunch of basic lateral work as well - just leg yields and spiraling in/out on a circle - M seems to be understanding this nicely.

    Tonight was a lunge night; I don't lunge more than once a week, but he goes so beautifully in the Vienna reins that I think it's a good break from riding and a good opportunity to work on transitions and strength without me flailing around on his back.

    Finally, the Great Barn Decision 2015 is nearly at a close, I think... more soon.

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    Sep. 26, 2013
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    I knew I forgot somebody! Suzie - the Australian Outback Spectacular looks AMAZING! I hope you're allowed to take pictures and video In seriousness - seems like such a fun thing! Glad work is going well and you're finding neat events like this one to attend.

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    close to the Big Apple


    I am so sorry for being absent so long. We were on vacation and then DD had her horse show. I am so proud of her. She did amazing for her. I must attach her video.Please excuse the video it was on my phone..

    I have not ridden in about 3 weeks and will do so tomorrow, I hope I remember how! I have to catch up with you guys but there always seems like there is so much to do these days
    I hope it works....
    Mai Tai aka Tyler RIP March 1994-December 2011
    Grief is the price we pay for love- Gretchen Jackson
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