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    Default selling a horse

    We bought a yearling some time ago with the hopes she would be for my daughter. Well, it turns out she is very sensitive and not going to be what we want. Is there a market for a nice horse that looks like she loves to jump? She is green but doing well under saddle and has been over some xrails and through a chute. If you were trying to attract jumper riders where would you advertise? I have always kept my horses or retired them so I have very little experience with the sales market..I do realize it is a buyers market now...
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    Get good pictures of the mare (conformation shots, under saddle and possibly jumping if you can). Get a good video of her w/t/c and maybe over a line of jumps under saddle. Place an ad on or and just pass the word along. PM me if you'd like to!

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    If you can swing it, you might consider putting her into training w/a reputable jumper trainer in your area, even if just for another 30 or 90 days. I know it's an additional expense, but it might be worth it for the extra exposure and networking.

    In addition to the national websites, look into your HJ Association to see if they have a classifieds section. Maybe there's a sporthorse publication in your area that you can advertise in?

    Best of luck in finding a good home for your mare!
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    I would do a video and post it on You Tube. Tag it with Young, Green Jumper Prospect For Sale. Include in the tags any breeding info you have. Get a few stills, u/s, cross rails and jump chute in the video. Then post ads on Dream Horse, and Big and steer people to the video in those ads.

    I know many people who browse You Tube and search under "Young Jumper Prospect for Sale" or "Baby Green Hunter For Sale" or things like that. Also put contact info and location. When I browse I look at so many videos that do not have any contact info on them and looking at the background, I have to guess where the horse is located.

    Good luck.

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