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    Default If you had a mare with this pedigree...
    (Stamm 8763)

    ...what would you breed her to and why? If you owned this mare, what would you want to produce? (Jumper, hunter... dressage? Really interested in what ring people would aim the resulting foal)

    I have had previous threads on looking for a hunter sire. But I wanted to see what others would do, without limiting the criteria. There is a conformation shot of her as well.

    Just really interested in what others think, because i've been told it would be a shame to "waste" her pedigree on certain stallions. I personally do hunters but I obviously see the potential of a future foal of hers going another route.
    (and yes, I DO plan on breeding her. Perhaps sooner rather than later, as I initially was planning)

    ps- the mare herself did the hunters, and did quite well. great jump, calm demeanor and usually a great piece of the hack.
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    Well I am not the Holsteiner guru - perhaps Bayhawk or Tim can chime in.

    However I think her type is lovely and she is a Cassini I daughter - given the recent loss of Cassini II and Cassini I being infertile I would cherish having that mare.

    However my guess would be to cross her on an L line stallion that descends from Landgraf I.

    Quite Easy might be an interesting cross..

    Livello might be really cool as well..

    Good luck - lovely mare!

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    Apr. 29, 2010


    I couldn't see the photo.

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    Jun. 3, 2010

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    don't know anything about Holsteiners, but do have a question.

    Was the mare imported as a hunter prospect or a jumper? One would think that the answer would have bearing on her personal jumping talents and scope. If she was imported as a hunter prospect, one might suppose that the Germans had already evaluated her for showjumping and decided that she had stylized jumping technique but would be better doing lower stuff.

    I might be completely wet, though, and would appreciate people telling how wrong I am.
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    She was being marketed for both. The person I bought her from was the one who imported her from Denmark, and had her marketed for jumpers or working hunters. I have never gotten that high with her, but that was what she was sold to me as. She was young enough when I bought her that she didnt have experience in either, and the type of training dictated what ring she would end up in.

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    just a bump...

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    Nice looking mare.

    What are you trying to breed for ? A replacement filly ? A sporthorse ?

    I would stay away from Q blood with this mare. They will cut her frame down even more. The damsire , Landlord , had an extremely short back so this won't flush with the Q's either.

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    I would really use Lando in our catalogue ,

    very nice inbreeding on Landgraf and landgraf x Ramiro

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