I'm posting this for a friend.

"7yo TB mare, unraced. She is registered with the jockey club (though she didn't race) and I have her papers. Her registered name is Driving Miss Lucy.

She has excellent conformation but has severe sidebone (I will share x-rays) which keeps her from being rideable, the vet believes her sidebone was injury related, not conformation or genetics related, so there is little risk of the issue being passed down. She is mostly sound in the field, which makes it hard to resist wanting to ride her, but she doesn't stay sound beyond the walk - and because of the pain she sometimes has, she's not a fan of being ridden much. Before the issue was known she showed a lot of promise under saddle.

She's great in the field, maintains high rank but isn't aggressive or rude with the other horses or humans, and her ground manners are quite good - she understands the human bubble. She's beautiful to watch gallop in the field and I hope that someone will be able to enjoy her and watch her live a happy life - she's a pretty self-sufficient horse. She is currently being fed twice a day (10% sweet feed) but I do not think she would have to be fed twice a day every day, particularly during the summer. She keeps her weight pretty well.

Due to her sidebone, she can never wear front shoes and I've used boots on her to aid during times she's footsore since shoes are not an option under any circumstances. If necessary, she can wear shoes behind since the sidebone only affects her right front foot. She is not a kicker, and when we had to put a shoe on behind to help a large crack from an abscess grow out, we had no issues with having hind shoes on her on two separate occasions.

I will give her winter blankets with her, and a fly mask for summertime. A good home is a must, regardless of the fact that she is free. If interested, please contact me for further details and pictures. I want only the best for this horse and anyone who wants her, so I will be happy to discuss her in much further detail to ensure she goes to the right home where she will be treated well.

Thank you."

I know this person and her mare--just an unfortunate situation all around and my friend has done all she can to try and get this horse sound but just can't afford to keep her if she can't ride.

If you or know anyone who might be interested in Lucy, please e-mail:


A couple photos, can get more upon request, this is just what I had of her:

Lucy headshot

Lucy field