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    Default Treeless saddles on high withered, tall thoroughbreds

    Can it be done? I've read some mixed reviews. My horse is not quite shark finned but definately has prominent withers and a big rib cage to boot. Will any of the treeless brands fit?

    I've been looking at the barefoot atlanta or the black forest "oak" town and country.

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    Jan. 19, 2009


    Have you looked at Bob Marshall? They have a high wither option. Also, a Skito pad (or similar) might help.

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    I recommend a live demo of any saddle you are interested in while working with a professional that is experienced in the brand saddle you are looking at. I know the Sensation dealers have dedicated demos they can send you. However, the Sensations are not usually recommended for high withers...but one man's high withers is another man's medium or normal withers. It is best to take pictures and send them the dealer for an evaluation. Take one side or two side shots with the horse on level ground and standing square, take at least one from the top.
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