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    Omg doesn't even look like the same horse. That had to take months of neglect... I'm a BIG fan of MTG. Wear gloves but it does wonders for skin and hair growth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pippigirl View Post
    What are the ingredients listed in Equiderma? This product looks interesting. Wonder if it's available in Canada?
    They don't list the ingredients on the bottle either, so I can't tell you what is in it. But I can tell you that my two horses break out in hives from anything with tea tree oil in it, didn't do well on MTG either, and Muck Itch took two weeks to get rid of the rain rot. The Equiderma worked in days, with no skin irritation at all, no issues with being out in the sun with it on. . . I love this product.

    You might need to contact the folks on the website to see if they ship to Canada, or have any distributors up your way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JCS View Post
    I am disappointed, because I sent him to them with high hopes that the daughter would be able to make something of him. She is quite a good rider, and I was never able to get the potential out of my horse that I knew he had. I checked on him frequently, and although she never did get around to riding him much, the care was decent. Then this summer they had a slew of personal crises and one giant expensive veterinary issue with another horse, and things went downhill for my horse very quickly.

    For comparison, here's a pic of him in November of 2009, a few months before he went on his lease. It's not a very good pic, but it's the most recent one I have of him from "before."
    Quite a difference! At least he is back with you...

    Do try the MTG, it really works well.

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    It might be a reaction to biting midges. I've got a horse that suffers from these. Little tiny grey hair nodules sort of in the coat. It's not rain rot and working on it with anything with iodine in it will just fry the coat.
    It's a reaction to the saliva or something in the bug bite. Cover up with lots of fly cover stuff and worm with the $10 equimectrin, not the cheap stuff. They say that helps. I had to keep mine inside darn near a whole month as the midges bite at night. Check his underline, if you feel them there -- chances are it's bugs not rainrot. The little tiny pieces look like rainrot but it's not. Me too, been there, thought that was it, too. If yours IS rainrot, it'll respond to treatment but if it's the biting midges -- you will still see skin outbreaks. There's a gigantic thread on the midges someplace on here but I can never find it when I need it!
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