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    Default another bit thread--need some some brainstorming

    My main man TB made his bit choice crystal clear today. He wants his Happy Mouth mullen Baucher. I tried a rubber dogbone on him, and he tried to destroy it. Disgusted, I removed it from the bridle, and went to fetch his HM. In an effort to lighten the mood, I held it in front of him and asked if that might suit him better (I used some colourful vernacular I won't repeat here). The mutton head took it from me, and went on to hold it in his mouth while I attached it to the bridle. Really?! Effing really?!!!! Sat there and held it!! He couldn't have made his point any clearer had he spoken to me. My issue is that the HM is not dressage legal because of the bumps. For all I know, the bumps are what he likes. I know he won't go for metal in his mouth. He prefers a Baucher. I don't know where to go from here. I've tried the Duo, and he hated it. I haven't tried a Nathe yet, but I suspect that would be money wasted as well. So what is like an HM mullen Baucher without bumps, and not at all like a rubber dogbone or Duo? Anyone know a horse hypnotist?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kinnip View Post
    So what is like an HM mullen Baucher without bumps, and not at all like a rubber dogbone or Duo?
    Nothing. Gotta love those TBs. I'll be interested in hearing what you and he end up with.
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