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    Default Jumping saddles for the hippo-shaped horse

    What saddle brands do you like for jumping horses with table backs? As in, not much wither to speak of, mushing into a very broad, flat back?

    The horse in question is an Andalusian cross who's actually pretty fit. He's currently in an XW Stubben, but chiro says it's not salvageable even with strategic padding and/or re-flocking (and I agree). It's a wiiiiide A-shape tree, but he needs more of an upside-down U. He's also very short-backed, so that adds another twist.

    Does anyone event treeless or with a flex-tree?

    Any draft or pony people find something good?


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    Have you looked into Duett ? The two saddles I really like are the Fidelio for dressage, and the Foxhunter for jumping. It's not a particularly forward flap, though. I wish they would make a forward flap real jumping saddle rather than the All-purpose style.

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    I had a 1200lb, 14.1 Percheron/Haflinger with no wither and slightly downhill. I also needed a flatter seat, forward flap jumping saddle. Ended up with a Wintec Pro Jump with XW gullet and we LOVED it!! I had to worry alot about slippage in every saddle I used. After 50 million tries of anti slip pads I got this bizarre looking pad but it was AMAZING!! So sticky if you girthed up and the saddle wasn't centered you couldn't even step it back into place! I had to saddle her, walk behind and make sure it was centered on her table back and then girth up! LOL It was called a Grooma Airide. The combo made for a VERY happy table with legs and a very happy rider!
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    I think Black Country has some U shaped or hoop tree options for the huge ones. A friend of mine bought an x-wide for her enormously solid PMU on recommendation from a saddle fitter who was affiliated with Trumbull in some fashion - and it worked out well.

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    Check out one of the Toulouse Anice jumping saddles---it may work. It fits my horse that has a big shoulder, mutton withers and flat back. The panels at the back have a good "flare" to them so it sits nicely on her "table". Honestly, I didn't like the saddle for myself at first, but it was the only thing that didn't slide around on her!

    There is another boarder at our barn who has an Andalusian. She wanted to try jumping recently. We tried every jump saddle in the barn on her and the Toulouse (mine) ended up fitting her perfectly.

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