So much has happened with him. He has finally become a big boy and puts on his big boy pants and deals with life. He is the type of horse that you need to leave all your drama, and thoughts at the gate. How do I know this...because we have a specific routine that is done before I mount. Give to the right, Give to the left, and give at the poll. That is the specific routine we do. The one day, I just wasn't thinking and hopped up on him. Well..that didn't go well. I wasn't paying attention and he crow-hopped. Now had I been settled in the saddle and not missing a stirrup..I might have stayed on and worked him out of it. Very little rein, and one see where this is going. I bailed so I didn't gie but I bailed on the opposite side so I didn't fall on a jump.

I laid on the ground laughing like a idiot because I couldn't blame him. It was totally my fault. I mean completely.

I had a MASSIVE bruise on my hips from where I fell. It looked like a target. The one that hurt the most was my elbow. I thought my mom would have sympathy..oh no..she is like didn't follow the routine.

A couple weeks after that we were trotting and he was dropping his shoulder on the opposite direction so I pushed his trot a little so he was going forward. Well..I guess I pushed to hard. We cantered. GOOD god he has a beautiful canter and he is very handy. Cantering straight towards the gate thinking of sugar he is going to jump it..did a hard right turn and he spun around his backend and did it. We continued to canter the circle.

Trainer was like hmm...maybe you two will do jumpers.

Green horses makes me laugh...