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    Default Feel like SUCH a bad horse mommy..

    OK I have two wonderful horses..

    I am going through a divorce and working on moving to my new home. I have only been able to ride a few times this month because of dealing with moving. Also been swamped at work and trying to pack. Dealing with my ex makes me insane.

    My Irish horse is green and I really need to ride him more. My Super Pony is green in the ring but he is a trip to ride. I rode him yesterday in a 2 hour clinic and he was rareing to go more. Little turd.

    The next off-topic day someone needs to PM me so I can get my rear on here and give an update. It has been PAINFUL and makes me want never get married again.
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    Sorry about your situation; just keep in mind that you're working to make it better, and it WILL get there! The horses will survive, and be glad when you have more time, but they aren't holding it against you, fortunately. They'll just be there when you're ready.

    Hang in there. And don't forget the update!
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