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    Default Venice turpentine when turned out?

    I've tried to read through most of the posts related to Venice Turpentine and have decided to give it a try after my farrier recommended using it. Two things I was not able to find in a previous post:

    1. What is the "recipe" for mixing it with iodine?
    2. My horse is on 24/7 turnout- after painting the VT on, what can I do to prevent rocks and things in the pasture from sticking to it (other than booting him)?

    Bit of background- he has soft, flat soles and seems to get bruises and overall ouchy feet so I am attempting to help his soles get a little bit tougher. He does have front shoes.

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    my horse is out 24/7 and I paint her feet w/ VT. I find if I walk her in grass / soft or dusty dirt before turning her back out I don't have any problems with gravel etc sticking. Its sticky stuff but not super glue. As it dries it loses its sticky. Also painting a thin layer and not gobbing a bunch in the crevices of the frog helps.

    I also add a bit of iodine to mine. Not sure how much, its more of a consistency thing. A little iodine makes the VT much thinner. I would say mine is around a 80/20 mix.

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