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    Default PSA - Ear mites and aural haematomas

    Just got back from an adventure with one of our very much loved house cats....we've been using an OTC ear mite remedy since our youngest barn adoptee (brought home from where we board) brought in ear mites with her.
    Well, this morning I went to treat our male tabby to discover his ear hugely swollen - it looked like someone had inflated a balloon on the inside of it. Talk about painful - oy!
    I googled to see if it was something we could treat ourselves and discovered it was an aural haematoma - and could do permanent damage if not treated NOW.
    We called up the new clinic in the next town - the vet had been part of another practice and had done two neuterings and a hernia repair on two other house cats, and we were VERY impressed with him.
    He took us NOW, on a Saturday, half an hour before his clinic closed. Most unusual clinic ever! Easy chairs, plenty of office chairs in the exam room...he believes in involving pet families in each step of treatment.
    Well, he explained everything, that he needed to surgically open up the ear and reattach the lining to the cartilage. He sedated our boy with us there, and allowed us to observe the surgery! It felt really good to be able to see what he did instead of waiting and wondering. Granted, we were the last customers of the day before he went and did some equine work, but
    The amount of fluid that shot out was amazing - he had to clean off his bp and heart rate monitor after (ick!), and put in about 10 stitches to reuinte the two surfaces. He now has a babushka on, and gets the stitches out in 3 weeks.
    So, on to the PSA....ear mites can cause a lot of harm beyond itchy ears....the swelling is either from headshaking (which I didn't see much of) or from an immunilogical response to the mites. I now have Revolution for each of the cats (which will take care of the mites, as they don't have fleas), so can hopefully keep everybody mite-free!
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    Default Dee, what can you tell me about ear mites?

    I just had Muff in for a really stuffed nose, and her ears were bad.The vet didn't say anything about mites, but when I rub her ears or try to clean them, she goes crazy beginning to scratch- almost like an automatic thing.
    btw she is REALLY allergic to fleas, but since I got rid of carpets, no problem with fleas, and even though I do have dogs, I just don't have a problem with them-or should I say Little Miss Muffet doesn't. Been 4 years w/o carpets and she is 18 years old.
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    Ear mites are tiny little buggers that eat, sleep, party down and have their families in the ear canal. They itch like MAD, and are disgusting under a microscope. Very Cool Vet mentioned in previous post took an ear swab and let us have a gander under themicroscope. We saw the adults, the pre-adults, and the eggs.
    It sounds like (IMHO) she might have them....if you see brown gunk down in her ears, I think it's a pretty sure sign.
    He gave us a packet of Revolution (Canadian version of Advantage I think, or maybe just a different brand) and told us that will clear them up. He also treated our sweet boy with (really expensive) ear drops but sent the rest of the bottle home with us for the others. You can also use olive oil from what he said to clean out the nasty crap out of their ears - small amount on a swab.
    They are spread from cat to cat VERY easily!
    PS - congrats on having a special senior kitteh - and THANK YOU for taking such good care of her (senior pets have a very special place in my heart
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    Revolution is NOT the same thing as advantage, it is Selamectin. Kills fleas, and one species of tick; deworms for roundworms and hookworms, and is an excellent heartworm preventive, in addition to being approved for earmites in cats.
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