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    Default feed gurus... help me simplify please!

    I know feed has been address a million and a half times, but I'm looking for some advice on simplifying my mares feed.

    -6yr TB mare, easy keeper healthy no history or issues with colic, ulcers,etc other than an allergy to biting insects that cause hair loss around the bite
    - kind crappy feet that are getting worse with first the dryness of summer and now the ridiculous amount of rain we've had this week. She is shod up front only
    -on 24/7 turnout, grass is ok...not overly green and rich, mixed with weeds and clover etc. It is what it is and she's happy and she stays fairly plump.
    -she is on a regular worming schedule recommended by her vet
    -she gets 3-4 days of exercise, approx. 45mins to an hour at a time a week with one of those days as a lesson which may include jumping (nothing strenuous or over 2'6)
    -We show maybe once a month on the local level at hunter/jumper shows for fun
    -she currently gets about a 1/2 lb of TC complete once a day with her Smartpak which includes a coat supplement, bugoff, and smartmuscle stamina and electrolytes as needed in warmer months as she's a pretty good sweater.

    I don't want to switch feed brands because I'm happy with TC products. It is end of season for showing for us and bug season but I plan to keep her fit thru winter. I want to simplify her feed to give her the max nutrition and support without having all these *things*. I have seen a difference in her muscle development and stamina with the smartpak product, not too crazy on the coat supplement and her feet need help aside from what the farrier is doing.

    Would switching to a RB and something like BOSS and Tri amino make more sense, and maybe a hoof supplement? Which one. Or is that still overkill? I can tell a big difference in her when she completely off grain and supps and when she's on something to give her a little extra energy for work, vitamins and the muscle supplements. But we def need to fix the coat/hoof issue. Please help!

    P.5. Omega horsehine is out...she won't eat it.
    Crayola Posse~Aquamarine
    Love vs Money...for the love of my horse, I have no money!

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    Mar. 25, 2010


    try glanzen lite from

    it is a flax product enriched with 30 mg biotin for hooves, vit b complex, and a trace mineral package. Horses look beautiful on it and hooves are great.

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    Oct. 26, 2008


    I'm definitely not an expert, but I would suggest the following (it's what my easy keeper gelding is on):

    TC 30% supplement, 1-2 lb/day (I'd prefer the 15%, but they stopped making it)
    Flaxseed, max amount- I think its 4 oz by weight? (I looked it up, found a cup that measures the correct amount, and promptly forgot what that amount was..)

    Plus free choice hay (depending on your horse- my gelding doesn't exactly get free choice- he gets 15-20 lbs a day, depending on if he's looking like he needs to lose or gain weight. He has to be watched- he would eat all the hay I'd give him- I tried free choice, and he blew up like a balloon). Over the winter, I do sometimes give him TriAmino and BOSS as well, to add some extra calories and keep his weight up, if he needs it. I found if I feed him the TriAmino year-round, he has a tendency to get overly plump.

    As far as feet go- I'm not sure if my horses just have naturally good feet, or if it is their diet, but they are both barefoot and have nice hard feet. My farrier always comments on them when he comes out to trim them.

    ETA: I've heard that farrier's formula is actually a really good supplement to help with improving hoof quality, if you decide you need to supplement for that (but that's adding more in, rather than taking some out...)
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    Aug. 11, 2008
    Northeast PA


    TC 30%. You may find (I suspect you will) that you are able to cut the coat, hoof and muscle supplement and leave the electrolyte and bug one.

    I have my 2 on Blue Seal's version - easier for me to get - a 7 year old Oldenburg EASY keeper and a 5 year old TB, new to me and a harder keeper. Even the harder keeper only gets 2 lbs RB, 2 lbs oats and 1 lb fat supplement a day. Easy keeping fat mare gets signifigantly less, lol.

    Coats are blinding, muscles bulking up, feet improving. And I fed TC Training before, so not like they were on crap feed.

    Student's mare - 4 year old TB mare, HUGE - gets 1 lb a day of the 30% in addition to the feed she gets at the boarding barn. Mare has seen signifigant improvement in all areas that weren't even really lacking in just a month.

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