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    Default What is the title of that horse book...

    I think it was written by a man, it was a series about older teens similar to the Saddle Club series-but more mature. One of the girls had a horse named Archipelago or something similar. I remember being in LOVE with the series but already having 1800000000000000 horse related books so parents wouldn't let me buy any (hahaha I started buying nonfiction veterinary biographies and here I am today, guess they knew what they were doing) Anyway, I'm mentoring a younger teen that I think would really enjoy the series but I can't remember the name of the series to even search for it!
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    It's the Blue Ribbon series by Chris St. John

    I LOVED these books as a kid. I remember one of the characters was excused from her high school phys ed class because she was training her horse for Rolex (or some other really big show), and riding counted as phys ed. I was soooooooo disappointed when my mother told me that the local public schools wouldn't buy it.

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