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    Default Aggressive cat - can this ever be fixed?

    So I have the most wonderful cat in the world. She is friendly, funny and almost dog-like.

    She greets me at the door, sits on my lap the moment my butt touches the couch, sleeps on my feet every night, and loves to play with toys.

    She also loves everyone she meets. At one point she was sitting on the plumber while he was laying down under the sink.

    The problem is that she is not friendly towards other animals. In fact she gets VERY aggressive.

    I currently live in a basement apartment at my parents' house and my mom has 3 cats - mine does not go in to the rest of the house. At first we tried all the ususal ways of intoducing cats. (Separate room, things that smelled like the other cats, etc.) At one point we even had a piece of plexiglass in the door so the cats could see each other but not touch.

    My cat never got used to seeing the other cats and would growl and hiss and try to get at them. Then last year my cat got out. I was about to get her when she saw one of my mom's cats laying on the floor.

    My cat leaped in the air and tackled the other cat. There was lots of hissing and screaming and fur flying everywhere. It was awful.

    In the end I got them separated and my cat put away. No one was injured except for me. My cat bit the snot out of my hand when I picked her up. (I know she wasn't attacking me - she was still in fight mode).

    So is there ANY hope for my cat? I adopted her when she was a year old. Now she is 8. (I have no info on where she came from or her background) I would love to find her a companion - I am not home very much during the week and she gets lonely.

    I volunteer with a cat rescue and there are so many wonderful cats that need homes. I grew up in a cat family and I love everything about cats. It breaks my heart that I can't take them all in, but it would be great to be able to have 3 or 4.

    Of course if it comes down to it I will have my mean kitty for the rest of her life and it will just be the 2 of us.

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    How long have you been in your mom's house? In all honesty, I'm not sure if you're ever going to be able to get the cat to like other animals. I had an aggressive cat, and it took over 6 months before we stopped separating the two cats. And Alice was the type to hiss and growl, but was more of a scaredy cat and would never attack the other cat. In the end Alice tolerated the other cat, but you would never find them lying on a bed together.

    This is how I got Alice to at least tolerate other cats. Because your kitty has actually attacked other cats, this might not work.

    - Keep kitty in your room, door closed
    - Lock up all other cats in a bedroom or two and allow kitty to explore the house (and smells) by themselves. It's completely normal for them to hiss/growl at the other cat's scent in the beginning.
    - When cat stops hissing/growling at the smell of the other cat (can take anywhere from a week to 6 months) start opening the door for brief periods of time, maybe 5 minutes to start. Do not allow other cats to come into kitty's room, but allow them to see one another. Alice was to scared to come out of my room, but she could at least see the other cat when it walked through the hallway. It's all about desensitization.
    - Gradually increase the amount of time the door is open. Eventually even the most scared cat will creep out and want to see what's going on. Got to love that curiosity!

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    There's a reason there are some cats listed as "needs to be an only cat".
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    Some cats really aren't going to change.

    Then again, I've seen quite a few older animals reformed when a younger companion comes into the picture. You need to be very careful, introducing slowly, making sure everyone has an escape route.

    My dog-in-law is a miserable beast to other dogs she doesn't like, when she first met our (then) puppy years ago, our pup used to lick DogIL's snarling teeth. Now they are best buddies and love to play.

    The kitty that adopted us was an I-don't-like-other-cats cat, not fighting bad, but just disliked them. Now she sneak-ily cuddles with the other kitties when she thinks no one is watching .

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    My female sounds a lot like yours. She is very aggressive to other ADULT cats, but I was able to successfully introduce two kittens (both male) with no problems at all. Apparently there is a big difference in adult cats and kittens to her...she was fine with my kittens pretty much immediately, but still growls and attacks the windows and door when the adult feral boy outside comes around for food. And he's been here for over a year.
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