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    Default Hair falling out

    My pony was diagnosed with lympho-phagacytic enterocolitis July of this year after a very, very rough year of failed diagnoses. Cornell started him on a regimen of Dexamethasone which is finishing up this coming Thursday. He is dealing very well with the disease. His total protein has been very low (3.2 g/dl at his worst, 5.2 now!!!), but he has finally been finishing all of his food, and running around with his buddies like he isn't even sick. I have him on a large amount of Senior feed and less hay, per my vet's orders. He is on Probios, since he did/does have ulcers, Platinum Performance, and Fat-Cat as supplements. Recently however, his hair is literally coming off. It started off as 'hive-like' things, small bumps that could be peeled off to skin. Now the bumps got very small, and scab off. It is very uncomfortable for him, but it seems that once it all comes off, fresh, new hair comes in very quickly. And stays in. I cannot afford a vet to come out right now (I am on the phone with them almost every few days to discuss his condition; I pull his blood and run it myself at the vet clinic I work with, and am very much in debt from the 6,000 I've spent on vet bills on him this year, so don't pick on me for not calling a vet sooner!!) so I am just asking for opinions. My vet that I work for said that it is a normal reaction when a horse's protein drops so low, and then bounds up. She says that the old hair is getting sloughed off to make room for the new. Other vets said it sounds like an autoimmune reaction from the Dex. It isn't just patchy of thin; I can literally pick off almost all his hair off the top and sides of his back and legs (down to his hooves). Is this a result of the Dex? Or like my vet said? Or could it simply be really bad dandruff or something?
    It is NOT ringworm or mange. And he is not itching or anything. He also does not seemed bothered by his hair bumps/ loss. The only time the hair falls out is if I groom it, or pull it out. I feel that it is better to get it all out (a little at a ltime of course, and then let the new stuff grow in before the winter).
    Please give me any advice.

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    Have you considered the possibility that he's so ugly that his hair is "jumping ship" so to speak, in order to no longer be associated with the unattractiveness of the pony?

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