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    May. 2, 2007
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    Default My turn for mental health issues: Nycenta and/or Fentany/Duragesic Patch

    Well, here I am asking for help, however it is kind of hard to go through all of the history.

    My main question is if any one has been on these meds, and if so did you find that they had a depressive or low motivation or anxiety side effects with them. I was on vicodin for years and didn't go through any of these extreme emotions. I have been on the nycenta and the patch since last november. At the most I was only taking about 4 nycenta a day and only the 15 patch.

    To put the rest of my life in perpesctive, other than the pain I have a great life. Close to my family, wonderful pets that includes a great mare, and an awesome job that I really love but is very stressful.

    Thanks for any thoughts or help on this.

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    What is the source/cause of the chronic pain? Personally I have not had to deal with that but I have friends that have.

    There are lots of other treatment options for chronic pain, and you have not even scratched the surface. Are you seeing someone who specializes in chronic pain?

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    Hi Meghan, long story that I will try to link to tomorrow, hard to do right now on a phone.

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    I was on the 75's for a short while, I could not tolerate them. I had an issue with my heart racing which I didn't like and I felt like I was 'beside myself' I guess. like I was separated from myself. I felt like I was standing next to me looking on, real weird. Only used them for 2 weeks. Morphine does'nt work well for me. Have now been on methadone for 8 yrs and it has worked very well but I am starting to notice that I am not getting the relief that I used to from it.

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